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Organic Kids!

We are pleased to offer daily supervised childcare services between 8:30 am and 4 pm in a dedicated room near the trade show. Trained childcare workers will watch your child while providing activities designed to educate and entertain. Please bring lunch and snacks for your child. Click on the register button to register your child.


Cost: $20 per day

Daily Childcare Service


Horse Races

Organic Kids ages 12 and under will have the opportunity to participate in the Prairie Organics 2020 horse races!  

The races will start at 1:00 pm, Friday March 6th in a designated race hallway. 

  • Ages 2-4: 1:00

  • Ages 5-7: 1:15

  • Ages 8-9: 3:15

  • Ages 10-12: 3:30 

Prizes will be awarded to the race winners!

Prairie Organics BINGO

Organic Kids 12 and under can participate in  Prairie Organics BINGO. Participants will be provided a BINGO sheet at registration. Participants will go around to the designated booths, ask the question provided, and write the answers. They will then receive a sticker from that booth to add to their BINGO card. Participants can hand in their BINGO card for a prize at the registration desk when they have 15 stickers. OR they can hold out until they completely fill the card with 30 stickers and receive a larger prize. Prizes can be collected at the registration desk. Note you cannot win a prize for 15 and another for 30 stickers. Choose one. Participants will have both March 5th and 6th to complete their BINGO cards. 

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