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Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteers are expected to work a total of 5 hours over the two-day event. You will be assigned one or more duties covered in the list below and given a timetable for your 5 hours of volunteer time.


Make sure to arrive in the right place at least 5 minutes before your shift begins. Before your shift make sure to drop by the registration table to pick up your badge.

Position: Registration Tables

The registration table will be located in the hallway outside of the UTC Pavilion in the Main Street South corridor on the west side of the UTC Pavilion. If you have been assigned to the registration table, most of the work here will be done in the first shift on March 5th.

On the morning of the March 5th, there will be 5 registration stations. Three of the stations will people who have pre-registered and are just picking up their badges. Station 1 will cover those with last names starting with A-H, station 2 will be I-P, and station 3 is Q-Z. The fourth station will be for those who are arriving and registering that day and paying by cheque or cash. The fifth station will be for those paying by credit card.

People at the registration table are also there to answer questions about the conference sessions and tradeshow (keep a program on hand, along with a map of the tradeshow), deal with any challenges that people may have with the Attendify conference app and monitor people coming into the UTC Pavilion. There are only two open entrances. This is the main point of entry so make sure that everyone entering the room has a badge. They can buy a conference pass at the door (although they may not get a lunch ticket). Let them know that the trade show, next door in the Manitoba is free and open to the public. They are welcome to wander around there and check things out.

Note: If you are working at the registration desk, please also read the section to the right, as you are also the Primary Pass Monitors.

Position: Pass Monitor

Admittance to the trade show in the Manitoba Room is free, but to get into the UTC Pavilion, people must be wearing a pass. The vast majority of attendees will have a two-day pass. However, some people may only purchase a one day pass. In this case, the date that the pass is valid will be clearly marked on the pass. If you see this, make sure it is valid for the day you are checking.

Position: B2B Meeting Monitor

Business to Business meetings will be in Salon A. Inside this room, there are a number of curtained meeting rooms. Each room will have a company name on it. Familiarize yourself with where companies have been assigned. There will be a desk inside the room with print copies of all pre-assigned meetings. Where there are no pre-assigned meetings, producers can wander in and sign-up for the unclaimed slots. Your job is to make sure the sessions stay on time and that people find their meetings. You may need to explain how they can sign up for meetings. If there is nobody waiting, you can leave people alone, but if the time is up, please interrupt the meeting and escort the waiting person into the cubicle.

Position: Time Keeping & Microphone

On the podium, you will find a set of two coloured cards with the time remaining – 5 minutes and two minutes, along with a detailed agenda. Check the agenda to see how long the speaker is scheduled to speak and when they are supposed to finish. In the detailed agenda, we have factored in time for questions. In most cases, there will be 10-15 minutes for questions.

Once, we get into the question period, your job is to hand around the mic for people with their hands up for questions.

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