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Top Horizontal Ad

Top Horizontal Ad

Excluding Sales Tax

Place your brand front and center with our attention-grabbing horizontal ad. Located just above the price tracker, this banner ad ensures maximum visibility for your brand.

With our flexible advertising rates, you can choose the duration of your ad campaign. If you opt for an annual campaign, you can change the content of your ad as often as you like.


Your ads will display randomly with each screen refresh or site visit, guaranteeing that your brand receives exposure to a wide range of users.


Advertisment Dimensions:
Desktop: 900 px w x 90 px h
Mobile: 300 px w x 250 px h


$1,500 + GST per year
$400 + GST per month
$200 + GST per week


Once you have paid for your ad, please email the artwork in the dimensions noted above to 



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